Church News (Page 2)

Church News (Page 2)

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Advent and Christmas Eve at PUMC

The people of Paxtonville United Methodist Church want to wish you all a joyous, Spirit-filled Advent and Christmas Season. With all the challenges of 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic, we still believe there is bright hope for today. That hope is most powerfully demonstrated in God’s Son Jesus Christ, whose birth we will again celebrate through Advent and Christmas.…

2020 PUMC Church Conference Packet

Sunday, November 8th is the date of Paxtonville United Methodist Church’s yearly church conference meeting. The time of the meeting is 4pm in the church building. All professing members of the church who are present will have a voice and vote at this meeting. The packet attached to this post constitutes the agenda for the meeting. Many — but not all —…