About Paxtonville UMC

About Paxtonville UMC

Our Mission…

is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision…

is to Be the Light: Trust, Love, Serve

Our History…

In 1803 the three groups of followers of Jacob Albright formed a fellowship known as the “Albright People;” in 1816 the name “Evangelical Association” was adopted, and it was under this association that Paxtonville Church was organized in 1869. It was originally known as the Pine Grove Church.

In 1873 it was decided that the Paxtonville Church become part of the Middleburg Charge. The charge existed until 1952.

November 16, 1946, at a meeting in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the Evangelical Church and the church of the United Brethren in Christ merged to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

In May of 1952, the Central Pennsylvania Conference formed the Paxtonville Charge of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. The charge consisted of Hummel’s UMC, St. Luke’s UMC (Kissimmee), and Paxtonville UMC churches.

At a meeting in Dallas, Texas, in May 1969, the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Churches merged to form the United Methodist Church (UMC). At the present time, Paxtonville UMC is a member of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.

In July of 1997, the Penns Creek Charge (Zion UMC, Salem UMC, and Penns Creek UMC) and the Paxtonville Charge (Hummel’s UMC, St. Luke’s UMC, and Paxtonville UMC) merged to form the Paxtonville-Penns Creek Greater Parish. This parish existed until June of 2000. The Penns Creek Charge remained intact while the Paxtonville Charge split with Hummel’s, St. Luke’s forming a charge. At that time, Paxtonville UMC became a single station church, as it is today.