Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

We have 4 opportunities to experience God’s love around prayer.

Prayer Chain

We are praying through the prayer chain, which when activated by phone, has many people praying for the caller and their request.  To activate the chain, call Leta at 837-5861 or Nancy at 837-5955 or Sylvia at 570-847-7511.

Prayer and Testimony on Sunday Mornings

We are praying early on Sundays at 8 AM in the Prayer Chapel.  Sharing where we have seen God working in our lives is a part of this time together for anyone who cares to share.

Soaking Prayer

We are praying in a setting that allows us to soak in God’s presence as we listen to worshipful music.  With stilled hearts, we focus on God and listen to His heart and what He would say to us.  Blessings of the knowledge of His great love for us are often received by those attending from 10-11:30 Thursday mornings in the Sanctuary.

Prayer Team

We are praying at the end of the worship service.  Members of the prayer team are available to pray with anyone who would like to receive prayer whether it is a group or individually.