Men of Faith: A Small Study Group For Men

Men of Faith: A Small Study Group For Men

 An Invitation to Men of Paxtonville Church, the Local Community and Area Churches

Do any of you men ever feel the need for Christian fellowship with other men beyond the Sunday morning Worship Service and/or Sunday School?  Or do any of you simply have a desire to learn more about the Bible and God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ for each one of us?  If you have any of these needs or desires and wish to satisfy them, an opportunity exists every third Tuesday evening of the month when a group called “Men of Faith” meets.

The Men of Faith group is a gathering of men who want to “Encounter” God’s Love.  We meet for fellowship and learning in order to “Understand” God’s Love and to help each other through prayer and supporting one another in our daily walk and in times of trouble.  When meeting as the Men of Faith, we also grow into a closer friendship as men and we “Practice” God’s Love by helping others in their needs by showing Christian friendship. Our “Practice” ministry has been involved in several local mission projects during the past years.

The Men of Faith group formed several years ago at Paxtonville but now includes attendees from Trinity UMC in Middleburg and, from time to time, other men from local communities and churches.  The group alternates its monthly meeting sites between Paxtonville and Trinity churches and all meetings begin at 7:00 PM.  The worship and study sessions are open to all men of the area whether they regularly attend church or not.

Please feel to join the Men of Faith group for some good discussions about Bible truths and their applications for your daily living.  Dennis Yeater and Harold Kratzer serve as co-leaders.  You may speak to them if you would like more information about the Men of Faith group.