Students Meeting And Serving Him (SMASH), is the Wednesday night youth group (ROCK) experience on Sunday morning from 9 to 10 am. Each month students will follow the path of the Hebrew word for remember. It means more than recall a story or event. It means to recall, relive, and respond to a story or event. SMASH leaders added a renew event for each 4th Sunday of the month, a time to praise and thank our amazing God and celebrate the lessons learned each month.

We are all called to be disciples of Christ. It just means we are learning to be more like Him. We can do this through study, reading the Bible, prayer, and in many other ways. We are also called to reach others with the news of Christ and to help them become disciples. This is a team sport. This is how Christ grew and continues to grow His church. The most comforting part is that He promises to always be with us. Over the next year, we are going to go through a timeline of studies that are designed to help us in our process of becoming disciples. SMASH WILL NOT MEET ON THE 5TH Sundays of the months that have 5 Sundays. Family huddles will be held on those Sundays.

The age groups and their leaders for SMASH are as follows:

Nursery is offered during SMASH for kids up to the age of 3.

Pre-K – 3rd Grade: Betsy Feltman and Noelle Buckley

4th – 6th: Gina Burns and Amanda Aurand

7th – 12th: Nate Zechman and AJ Steininger