Redeeming Ourselves through Christ the King (ROCK) is the youth group that meets at Paxtonville United Methodist Church. We have groups for all ages from Kindergarten to 12th grade. What is unique about our group is that the age groups stay together and stay with their leader. Because we are able to do this, the kids and leaders build deep meaningful relationships.

The age groups and their leaders are as follows:

Nursery is offered for kids up to the age of 4. The nursery leader is Amber Ebright.

Kindergarden – 3rd Grade: Pastor Brian Lucas

4th – 6th Grade: Tony Landis and Julie Loss

7th – 8th Grade: Logan Trego

9th – 12th Grade: Penny Rudy

Our group meets the first and third weeks of the month beginning September 20th. We eat (aka Grab-A-Bite) at 6:00PM, small groups meet at 6:30PM and end at 8:00PM. The Kindergarten through 3rd meets until 7:00PM but we provide supervision until 8:00PM if necessary. Our events include camping, a holiday progressive meal, impact, and mission trips. You do not need to go to Paxtonville United Methodist Church or have any intention of coming to Paxtonville United Methodist Church. Our youth ministry is one more way in which we help the children and youth of our communities ENCOUNTER, UNDERSTAND, and PRACTICE God’s love with our community and the world.