Facilitated by Dennis Yetter on Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m.

Dennis invites all who would like to learn about Christianity’s Family Tree. This book and DVD teaching is written and lead on DVD by Adam Hamilton who is pastor of the United Methodis Church of the Resurrection.

Learn of the history, theology, and distinctive emphases of eight different Christian denominations and faith traditions. For each tradition, participants will hear from a clergy member of that tradition and look at Scriptures that have shaped that faith. Includes tools and sermon starters to create a congregation emphasis, shaping worship around elements of each denomination as it is studied.

8 Lessons:

  1. Orthodoxy: Mystery, Liturgy, and Tradition
  2. Catholicism: Sacrament and Mass
  3. Lutheranism: Word and Faith
  4. Presbyterianism: The Sovereignty of God
  5. Anglicanism: Common Prayer
  6. Baptists: Baptism, Conversion, and Scripture
  7. Pentecostalism: The Power of the Spirit
  8. Methodists: People of the Extreme Center.