Monday, September 24th, a blood draw will be held here in the Fellowship Hall from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.  We need volunteers to help in the kitchen and to provide food for the canteen.  (Donors and the staff always enjoy coming to our facility because they love the homemade cookies that are provided.)  Locate the sign-up sheet on the Missions’ and Ministry Table to donate such items as sandwiches, punch, or home baked cookies.  Also, choose a time when you can help.

Every day hospital patients rely on generous blood donors – like you – for the precious blood products they need to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.  In fact, nearly 6,000 times a day, someone receives blood from a Red Cross donor, and yet, only about

 3 percent of the population donates.  It’s so important that generous donors give regularly so the blood products of all types are available whenever and wherever they’re needed.  (Excerpt from a Red Cross mailer.)

Bloodmobiles are only as successful as the number of people who donate; so please, if you are able, come out and give blood.  You will be helping to save lives!!!  Any questions—talk to Kay Kratzer.