The Mission & Outreach Team met recently and discussed how we want to be in missions in 2019 and beyond, and they made a couple of decisions. One is to have a greater focus on local needs which will be accomplished by increased involvement with the Midd-West School District, and by seeking out individuals and families in need of small home repair projects. The other decision is to provide for more opportunities for “getting our hands dirty” with an adult (or inter-generational) mission trip. PB has done some initial research into a trip and has found an organization in West Virginia that looks promising. In addition to construction and painting, they have a community garden and soup kitchen that we could work at, as well as options for meals and night-time entertainment. The trip would probably take place the week of June 9th. If you have any interest in participating, please let PB know. The M&O Team asks for your prayers, especially that someone would step forward to be the team leader.