The Worship Design Team was formed so that the decorations in the sanctuary enhance the theme of the sermon or sermon series that the pastor has chosen.  The team is lead by Mary Kaufman and comprised of Adam Dietz, Shana Ebright, Jess Hetrick, Linda Howell, and Zach Umstead.   The worship service is enriched by the use of banners, figurines, foliage, pictures, poetry or scripture which tie in with the theme.  An extensive array of decorations has been accumulated over the years.  Seasonal decorations are available for the different times of the year such as Lent and Easter, World Wide Communion Sunday, autumn and Thanksgiving, and winter.   The committee has provided decorations for sermon series including, Names of Jesus, Baptism, work related items, Mother’s and Father’s Day and Missions, just to name a few.  Members of the congregation have also loaned items for use at various times.  There are also decorations that can be used for weddings that take place in the church.  Our hope is to reinforce the ideas related during the worship time so that the worship experience goes beyond the one hour on Sunday mornings.