Adult Choir

Our adult choir meets every Wednesday evening  at 7:00 in the sanctuary for rehearsal.  The choir sings almost every Sunday and the choral selections are always connected to the Scripture and morning message.  We presently have 25 to 30 choir members.  The choir sings SATB music, so reading music is very helpful though not necessary.

Adult Choir Director: Adam Dietz

Adult Choir Pianist: Peggy Rearick


Congregation is bless with four talented organists who rotate worship service duties. They are: Kay Kratzer, Pam Perna, Peggy Rearick, and Colleen Ritter.

Praise Team

Our praise team presently consists of a pianist and several vocal singers.

Praise Team Members:

  • Bailey Hetrick
  • Greg Hetrick
  • Jess Hetrick
  • Julie Loss
  • Julia Nesbit
  • Lisa Nesbit
  • Scott Umstead
  • Zach Umstead
  • Nate Zechman
  • Owen Zechman

Children’s Music

Our children’s music ministry begins bright and early every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the upstairs of “the educational building”.  Preschoolers through 5th grade meet together before Sunday School to sing songs pertaining to bible stories, look at upcoming children’s choir numbers, sing their favorite VBS songs, and learn the motions to many of the “old Sunday School songs” under the direction of Colleen Ritter.