Encounter Team Goal: To express the Christian faith through purposeful worship and Christ-centered administrations.

Worship Objectives:

  1. Develop regular prayer worship opportunities.
  2. Increase the use of visual arts in worship.
  3. Develop a children and youth music ministry.
  4. Develop a web-cast ministry for worship.
  5. Regularly celebrate God’s victories among us.


Administrative Objectives:

1.    Reduce the number of Administrative Meetings

a.    Administrative Council from monthly to bi-monthly

b.    Trustees from monthly to bi-monthly

c.    All other administrative committees to once quarterly.

2.    Develop property recently purchased adjacent to the church parking lot for future expansion. (ie. larger parking lot, picnic pavilion, etc.)

3.    Renovate current facilities to meet the missional needs of the congregation.

4.    Construct a Policy and Procedure manual to guide the leadership in the effective administration of the church.

5.    Help with the progress of the Assimilation Team to integrate new members and visitors into the life of Paxtonville Church.

Encounter Team: Administrative

  • Administrative Council Chair
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • SPRC Chair
  • Membership Secretary
  • Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
  • Financial Secretary
  • Finance Team Chair
  • Worship Team Chair
  • Trustee Chair
  • Practice Team Chair
  • Lay Leader
  • SS Facilitator
  • Children & Youth Facilitator
  • Small Group Facilitator
  • Assimilation Team Facilitator
  • Youth Member