Pastor Brian, here! I’m thinking about Christmas. I know, it’s only October and Hallmark hasn’t even started showing their Christmas movies yet, but I’m thinking about Christmas anyway. It occurs to me that many families have Christmas traditions, and many of those involve particular items or collections. For us, it’s decorating our tree with ornaments collected from vacations covering the last twenty-six years; and displaying a number of nativity sets (I’m pretty sure we have more than a dozen), most of which have significant sentimental value, like the one my parents bought in Israel, the one from a dear friend after she passed away, and the handmade one a friend spent many hours making. What’s yours? I’d love to see your collections, and I’m thinking others would as well, so we’re going to try a “A New Christmas Tradition: Gather the Past & Enhance the Present.” What we’re going to do is set up tables in the fellowship hall that you can cover with a table cloth (black would probably make things “pop” the most) and decorate how you want to show-off your personal collection or tradition. This is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 15 from 5-7 and will be open to the public (invite your neighbors!). We will probably also have music and refreshments. If you are interested in participating, just contact the office to reserve a half or whole table.